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Whether you need help connecting datasets or desire new perspectives, our team pairs digital tools with expert consultants to deliver transparency to your portfolio and identify opportunities to unlock value.

“No, the office is not dead...If you go onto campus the first week of school, there's a palpable energy there and that same energy exists in the right office environment.”

Hear more from Patrick McGrath and the other panelists during the Business Leader Perspectives: The Future of Collaboration and Innovation webinar.

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“As a result of remote work during COVID-19, 94% anticipate that working remotely part-time (e.g.: a few days per week) will be normalized in their organization in a post-vaccine environment.”

Savills Tech Practice Group: COVID-19 Impacts and Sentiments Survey

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“Companies are adapting by hiring advisors like us who are able to take the data that they have, put it into context with what’s happening in markets and then tell a compelling story about the decisions that they need to make.”

Savills Jess Johnson Discusses Disruption in Real Estate

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“We are seeing significant demographic shifts and urbanization as well as the rise of protectionism and populism across many territories. In addition, everything we do in life is being enabled by technology... This is causing market participants to rethink their business models to ensure they remain relevant.”

Hear more from the Savills Real Estate Insights Podcast

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“It's hard for our clients to understand their footprint of people. We can now tap into a dataset and show a client in a second this footprint.”

Hear more from Patrick McGrath during the "What's Really Going On" podcast with Savills advisor, Lance Leighton

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“Commercial real estate markets are large and complicated, making it difficult to engage and educate audiences. Market Alpha links 3D building models to crowdsourced data within a GIS system creating a unique platform where users can easily explore markets and instantly access data in real-time.”

Hear more from the Savills GIS team during the ESRI Crowdsourcing Presentation

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“Companies may want to put more emphasis on digitizing property data, and invest in analytics that will help them better understand demand and track utilization, as well as conduct scenario planning for business continuity.”

CFOs Evaluate Real Estate for Strategic Alignment
Source: Deloitte, reflecting on 2020 CFO Signals Survey

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“Over 2020, you’ve seen an expansion of monetary supply. That’s part of the broader environment that’s influencing demand, in general, for investments and, specifically, equity investments.”

Savills Patrick McGrath reflects on the SPACs boom and Proptech in Commercial Observer's article, "This Is Only the Beginning for SPACs in Real Estate"

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"By integrating our algorithm within Knowledge Cubed applications, we are able to provide clients an unparalleled speed and scale advantage that helps analyse portfolios in real time with access to the source documents in one click."

Learn more about the MRI Software and Knowledge Cubed AI enhancements through their extended partnership.

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Knowledge Cubed acts as a universal adapter,
combining your data with our data, to turn days of work into seconds.

  • Real estate portfolio
  • Market data
  • People and HR
  • Benchmarking
  • Occupancy and utilization
  • Demographics
  • Finance
  • Activity tracking

We improve business outcomes.

Whether you have 1,000 locations, or just one,
Knowledge Cubed allows teams to proactively
manage property and people portfolios.

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