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Patrick McGrath

CIO, Head of Client Technologies
Founder - Knowledge Cubed

Sarah Dreyer

Vice President,
Head of Americas Research

Doug Jamieson

Senior Managing Director,
Knowledge Cubed

John Chertok

Vice President,
Software Engineering

Leigh Knopf

Portfolio Client Success

Carina Chen

Knowledge Cubed

Sara Schuham

Senior Associate,
Knowledge Cubed

Bryan Ezell

Senior Managing Director,
Knowledge Cubed

Kim Esposito

Senior Managing Director,
Lease Administration & Audit

Jess Johnson

Executive Vice President,
Knowledge Cubed

Michelle Turner

Corporate Managing Director,
Strategic Solutions

Ann Duncan

Chief Strategy Officer &
Chief Diversity Officer

Jason Platzman

Digital Services Management

Dmitriy Zarkhin

Technology Lead,
Client Technologies

David Morrison

Managing Director,
Data Solutions

Dom Harding

Senior Vice President
Head of Cross Border Tenant Advisory - Americas

Grace Ni

Technology Solutions

John Grady

Senior Vice President,
Information Technology

David Sutton

National GIS Services

Kyle McNair

GIS Analyst

Amith Shetty

Senior Software Engineer

Allan Brass

Director, Cross Border
Tenant Advisory - Americas

Charlie Sullivan

Knowledge Cubed

Henry Oletsky

Senior Software Engineer

Sharon Impemba

Senior Manager,
Lease Administration

Peter Chew

Infrastructure Services

Jasen Dowell

Head of Design, Digital Services

Jasmine Mibus

Senior Manager, Lease Audit

Michael Grillo

Lease Administration Manager

Raveen Avula

Senior Salesforce
Solutions Architect

Matt Fitzgerald

Director, Cross Border Tenant Advisory EMEA

George Froud

Data Analyst, Cross Border Tenant Advisory EMEA